Med MLPRO pumpesystem er du sikret høj hygiejnestandard

Clean water with the MLPRO pump system

Reliable air humidification systems for all industries

Reliable and correct air humidity control with the MLP pump system

Condair specialises in the production and delivery of extremely reliable air humidification systems for a number of industries, with focus on correct humidity. The pump station is a very important part of the complete systems, which are characterised by unique hygienic design, high quality, safety, flexibility and serviceability.
To ensure optimum system quality and operational reliability, the pump station is tested exhaustively prior to delivery.

High hygienic standard in accordance with HACCP quality requirements

The pump stations are part of Condair's ISO 22000 HACCP certification, which ensures high product safety, since all components in contact with water are approved in accordance with HACCP and are thereby subject to exacting hygiene standards.

Reverse osmosis to ensure clean water

The MLP pump stations receive water of drinking water quality, which always contains a certain amount of salts and minerals.
To remove this content, and thereby avoid dust in the premises, the water is pressed through a membrane which only water molecules can penetrate. This membrane is part of a reverse osmosis system which separates 95-98% of all salts, minerals and bacteria from the water. As an additional safety measure, the water is UV-treated before it is led to a hygienic reservoir tank. This UV treatment prevents any bacteria propagation.

The clean water is then ready to be vapourised into the room, helping to improve the indoor climate in a safe and hygienic way.

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