Energy savings with evaporative cooling

Many factors play a role on calculating the cooling effect of evaporative cooling. Factors such as location, climate, indoor and outdoor temperatures, relative humidity, surplus heat from production, and current ventilation and air exchange all play a role when Condair is to find the optimum product solution that gives you the greatest energy savings.

Below, you can see how much we have saved for other companies.

Get a free energy calculation for evaporative cooling

We have developed unique energy calculation tools for cooling solutions with humidification. These tools take account of all the key parameters that affect the indoor climate and the air in the premises concerned. Our consultants perform indicative calculations based on your specific facilities, to show how much you can save by using evaporative cooling. Compared to a traditional ventilation solution, you can save up to 90% of the energy consumption required for cooling.

Condair is an expert in calculating cooling effect and savings from humidification

Our consultants have many years' experience from calculating the cooling effect from a Condair humidification system. We will visit your premises to view the room for which you require a cooling solution and gather the information we need to perform an energy calculation as part of an overall quotation. We will then pay a new visit to review the energy calculation and the potential savings from humidification. Our energy calculation is simple for you to assess, since it only requires a little of your time, and is free and without any obligation for you.

Besides the financial advantages of using humidification for cooling, a humidification system presents a number of other benefits, such as reduction of static electricity and an optimum indoor climate with correct humidity. You can read more about the benefits of humidification for your production here.

Opnå et optimalt indeklima med evaporativ køling

Energibesparelser med luftbefugtning

Energy savings achieved with evaporative cooling...