Remove surplus heat with evaporative cooling

For productions which generate surplus heat, evaporative cooling can give you massive energy savings. Often, the energy savings will be so great that the repayment time for an investment in a Condair humidification system is less than two years. Surplus heat and dry air arise in production processes where machines and products emit heat, which the company will usually seek to remove by ventilation, resulting in dry air, a poor indoor climate and high energy consumption.
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Cooling with water vapourisation for industry

We customise energy-saving solutions using evaporative cooling for a number of sectors. Our customers come especially from the electronics, plastics, packaging, printing, metal, textile, food and wood sectors. Since this cooling concept is still relatively new, it has a lot of untapped potential. We have many years' solid experience from humidification solutions for industry, and humidification as a cooling concept is increasingly being used.

    Evaporative cooling as a new cooling concept

    We normally cool and humidify indoor premises, but we are also behind the world's largest outdoor cooling facility, at the prayer site in Medina in Saudi Arabia. Our cooling and humidification plant is installed in especially designed canopies, lowering the temperature in the area by up to 10°C.

    Below you can see how much energy we have saved for numerous companies in various sectors.

    Befugtning i produktionen kan fjerne overskudsvarme

    Energioptimerende reducering af overskudsvarme med evaporativ køling

    Reducering af overskudsvarme  med luftbefugtning til mange brancher

    Evaporative cooling is used in a number of industries...