Evaporative cooling as a new cooling concept

Evaporative cooling is not a new invention, but a permanent natural phenomenon. Condair is among the very best at using knowledge and expertise to develop, install and maintain systems such as coolers and humidifiers.

Evaporative cooling is the most common name for the cooling technology, but the concept is also called evaporation cooling, cooling by water vapourisation, mist spray, water mist and water-based cooling.

What is evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling takes place when water is vapourised into the air, evaporates and lowers the air temperature. Energy is required for water particles to evaporate in the air. More specifically, this requires 0.68 kW per litre of vapourised water, taken from the surrounding air. The evaporation process reduces the air temperature, while the relative humidity increases. In other words, you can cool the air with water and save energy for cooling.
See how Condair cools Facebook and other data centres with evaporative cooling here.

Energy reduction with evaporative cooling

In areas with mechanical cooling, reducing the use of air conditioning may be significant to production's operating costs. Facilities that do not use air conditioning will also reap considerable benefit from using an energy-effective solution to cool the air. Read more about how evaporative cooling is used in electronics production, plastic production and other sectors.

Advantages of evaporative cooling

    • Reduced cooling costs 
    • Short repayment time (1-2 years) 
    • 100% evaporation 
    • Minimum maintenance 
    • Improved indoor climate for employees 

    Energy savings with evaporative cooling at a number of companies...