Condair Executive Board

Oliver Zimmermann, CEO Condair Group


Oliver Zimmermann


Our Condair Vision to deliver productivity, sustainability and health through air and water is our greatest ambition because it is not only a promise to all our stakeholders but also our own claim to achieve extraordinary goals and the driving force for our individuals to create together a successful future.

Our vision also stands for our aim to become a solution provider in the field of humidity control and energy optimization by offering a full range of innovative components."


Roland Kleeb, CFO a.i. Condair Group


Roland Kleeb

CFO a.i. & Project Leader GlobeSync Location

"Successful Global Sourcing, a consequent one-piece flow philosophy and the continuous aim to reduce or manage complexity in operations are giving us the necessary breath to face actual and future challenges in order to compensate financial and monetary impact. A professional logistic is key to our humidification and evaporative cooling business.

We are investing up to 6% of our annual net sales into research and development projects. Our current product development road map shows a number of interesting product improvements based on customer feedbacks and needs as well as some fascinating and promising innovation projects."

Werner Adler, CMO Condair Group

Werner Adler

Corporate Strategy & Marketing

"Condair is transforming from an international group of independent companies into one truly integrated global organization. This will allow us to further grow our core business in humidification and evaporative cooling - organically and through acquisitions.

To be closer to our markets and to better understand the needs of our various customers and stakeholders, we have installed an organization, consisting of a tight cooperation between our 10 regional Sales Clusters and our supporting Strategic Business Field teams, specialized in HVAC, Enduser, OEM and Service business."